How Do I Request a Phone Book?

By April Khan

Phone books, both local and statewide are normally delivered once per year to homes, businesses and apartments. From time to time these phone books tend to walk-off, get damaged, lost or simply misplaced when moving. If this is the case, there are ways to order another phone book without having to bother with calling 411 which can be very expensive over time.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone, Internet connection

Step 1

Go online to

Step 2

Go to "Products" on the left hand side of the page and select order a directory.

Step 3

Fill out all required fields. Required fields are indicated with a red * next to each request.

Step 4

At the bottom of the request form, tick whether you are interested in advertising as well.

Step 5

Call 1-(800)-YB-YELLOW to request a phone directory if you don't have the internet.

Tips & Warnings

  • Until you receive your printed yellow pages, you can find phone numbers free of charge by searching web sites such as,,, or If you don't have the Internet and you need the phone number to a specific business from corporation called 1-(800)-555-1212. This is the number to toll free directory, they will supply you with freeing 800 numbers for corporate or business listings.
  • Some companies may not be listed in the yellow pages. In order for business to appear in the Yellow Pages they must pay for the listing. If you cannot find businesses number in the Yellow Pages, search online for the business web address and then navigate to their contact us page which should liste their contact details.
  • Write down any phone numbers that you going to be calling a lot or save them into your cell phone's phonebook. This way if the phone book is damaged or lost you wont have to call directory assistance for the inquiry over and over.
  • If you call 411 from a cell phone in you request the phone number requests into text you the number once you hang up.
  • Call your phone company to request a yearbook. Aside from the major yellow pages or super pages, some phone companies carry their own yearbooks. Oftentimes they are delivered around the same time as the annual yellow pages.