How Do I Scan on an IMac?

By K.C. Winslow

Image scanners used with computers are known as flatbed or desktop scanners. An object such as a piece of paper, a book or a photograph is placed on the glass of a scanner, an opaque cover is closed over it and a detector reads it. Image Capture, a program included as part of Mac OS X, allows you to transfer the images recorded from a USB or FireWire scanner to your iMac computer.

Step 1

Connect a USB or FireWire scanner to the iMac using the scanner cord and the ports on the back of the iMac. Turn the scanner on.

Step 2

Use the CD or DVD that came with the scanner to install any required software drivers. If the manufacturer’s instructions indicate the scanner does not require additional drivers, you can skip this step.

Step 3

Put the object you want to scan face-down on the bed of the scanner.

Step 4

Scan the object by pressing the “Scan” button on the scanner. Image Capture will launch automatically and display a low-resolution preview scan.

Step 5

Set up the scan using Image Capture. The settings available will vary depending on the scanner you are using. With most scanners, you can select a specific area of the object to scan, choose a scan profile based on the type of object you are scanning, adjust the color options and set the resolution.

Step 6

Click the “Scan” or “Scan to Folder” button to scan the object. The image will save to the “Pictures” of your home directory if you press “Scan.” The image will save to whatever folder you specify if you press “Scan to Folder.”