How Do I Text a T-Mobile Cell Phone From My Computer?

By Chris Hoffman

Send text messages to a T-Mobile cell phone from your computer if you don't have a cell phone for texting. Even if you have a cell phone, texting a T-Mobile cell phone from your cell phone costs money unless you're on an unlimited texting plan. T-Mobile, like many other cell phone providers, provides an email to text gateway for emailing a text message to a T-Mobile cell phone. Send a text message to any T-Mobile cell phone from your computer's email client using T-Mobile's email gateway.

Step 1

Open your email client. Popular email clients include Outlook, Gmail and Hotmail.

Step 2

Compose a new email message. Click "New Message" or a similarly named button in your email client.

Step 3

Type the cell phone's number at into the email's "To:" field. Type the ten digit cell phone number into the "To:" box, followed by "". For example, text message 123-456-7890 by typing the address "".

Step 4

Type your text message. Click the body of your email message and type in a short (less than 160 characters) message.

Step 5

Send the text message. Text your email to the specified cell phone number via T-Mobile's email-to-text gateway by clicking "Send" in your email client's message composing window.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your message contains over 160 characters, it will be cut off. Keep your message as short as possible.
  • Send text messages to email addresses using your T-Mobile cell phone. Enter the email address where you would normally enter a cell phone number and send a text as normal. Your text appears as an email from your cell phone number at
  • Send text messages to other cell phones from your computer by using another cell phone provider's email gateways. You must know which cell phone provider a number uses, though.
  • While it's free to send text messages to a T-Mobile cell phone from your computer, it's not always free for the user of that T-Mobile cell phone receiving them. Each text message received costs the recipient $0.20 unless they are on an unlimited text messaging plan.
  • The email to text message gateway only functions with a T-Mobile cell phone number. Don't try using a cell phone number from a different cell phone company with it.

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