How Do I Transfer My Contacts From One Phone to the Next?

These days you would be hard pressed to find someone without a cell phone. They are a modern tool for doing business and keeping in contact. As such, they have become a mobile rolodex, holding numbers, email addresses and other information of all our contacts. Unfortunately, the time will come when you want to upgrade or switch phones, and when you do so you’ll encounter the problem of transferring all your contacts from the old phone to the new one. Luckily, this process can be quick and painless.

SIM Card

If your phone uses a SIM card—the small chip that slides into the back of the phone and holds information allowing it to use your wireless service—then migrating contacts is extremely easy. On your old phone, go into your contacts and select them all. Then in the options menu choose to save them all to the SIM card. At this point, your entire address book will now reside on the SIM card, and not the phone itself. Now you have two options. First, you can pop the SIM card into your new phone and copy all the contacts back from the card onto the phone before switching to your newer SIM card and proceeding to use the phone as normal. Or you can go into your local phone provider’s store and have them transfer your contacts from your old SIM card directly to your new one. They will accomplish this with a special machine and can do so in about five minutes.

Computer Synching

If your phone belongs to a carrier that doesn’t utilize SIM cards, then you can instead opt for computer software to transfer your contacts. This method will cost a small amount of money, but it is equally as simple and quick as the SIM card method. Any common electronics retailer will sell a software and hardware package specifically for transferring files and contacts between a cell phone and your computer. The kit will include a cable for connecting the phone to the computer as well as software that will copy your contacts over. Then you can connect any other phone, such as your new one, and the synching software will transfer the copied contacts back onto it exactly as they once were. This works in much the same way as a PDA would sync email and contacts between the handheld unit and the home computer.


Modern technology has done wonders to improve phone-to-phone connectivity. Most cell phones these days will come with built-in Bluetooth capability. Turn on the Bluetooth in both the old and the new phone and have them connect to each other. This will allow you to easily select all the contacts in your old phone and in the options menu choose to send them via Bluetooth. From here, you can select the other phone that is connected and within minutes your entire address book will copy over automatically. This is the simplest method and the one most likely to work no matter what carrier you have, but it does need newer phones on both ends because of the Bluetooth requirement.