How do I Turn Off an 80G iPod?

By Daniel Hatter

Arguably the most popular personal digital music player of all time, the Apple iPod is liked by users and critics alike for its simple design and ease of use. The iPod Classic edition comes in three sizes, 160 GB, 120 GB and 80 GB (the 160 GB model is the current model). Just like most other iPod editions, the process behind turning off an 80 GB iPod Classic is not difficult.

Step 1

Turn off the "Hold" function on your iPod by pushing the button on the top of it to the far left.

Step 2

Push and hold the "Play/Pause" button at the bottom of the click wheel until the screen goes dark. Your iPod is now off.

Step 3

Prevent it from accidentally being turned on by turning on the Hold function (push the button on the top to the far right). You can turn your iPod back on with any button after turning off the Hold function.