How Much Does eBay Charge to Sell?

EBay charges users an insertion fee to list an item and a final value fee when an item sells. The specific amount you pay depends, for the most part, on the type of item, how you list it, the starting price and the selling price. Understanding how the fee structure works helps you estimate the amount you'll pay to sell an item on eBay.

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Estimating the selling price helps determine the fees you'll pay.
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Insertion and Listing Fees

EBay charges sellers flat rate insertion fees when a new item is listed for sale. The specific amount of the fee depends largely on the category you choose for selling the item. You'll pay additional insertion fees if you list the item in more than one category. The seller pays these fees whether or not the item sells. Occasionally, eBay will have promotions offering sellers a chance to list a certain number of items for free to encourage use of their service.

Optional listing upgrades increase the cost to list an item. Examples of upgrades include:

  • Larger images with the Gallery Plus option
  • A design tool to improve the look of the listing
  • Subtitles
  • Bold title in the search results
  • International site visibility

The eBay Fee Calculator allows you to estimate the total fees based on the price and optional services you choose.

Final Value Fees

The final value fee is an amount paid based on the total price of the item, including the selling cost, shipping fees and any additional fees you charge the buyer. The calculation does not include any sales tax charged for the item. The standard final value fee, at the time of publication, is 10 percent of the total, with a maximum of $750.

You won't pay the final value fee if the item does not sell. Sellers may get a credit for the final value fee if:

  • The buyer doesn't pay
  • Both parties agree to cancel the sale
  • You refund the buyer's money in full

Store Fees

EBay users have the option of opening a store for selling in larger volume. Three subscription levels -- Basic, Premium and Anchor -- offer varying monthly costs and affect the seller's fees. Each subscription level comes with a set number of free fixed priced listings each month. The fees for both auction and fixed price listings are lower than the normal fees without a store and vary based on the type of store.

For example, as of publication:

  • A Basic store comes with 150 free fixed price listings with a 20 cent fee for any additional fixed priced listings.
  • An Anchor store offers 2,500 free fixed price listings and charges 5 cents for additional listings.

The final value fee is also lower for eBay store owners, ranging from 4 to 9 percent.

PayPal Fees

PayPal is a safe and commonly offered payment option on eBay. Other options for buyers are to pay from their bank account or with a credit card. If you choose to offer PayPal as a payment option, you'll have additional fees to pay. PayPal charges a small flat fee plus a percentage of the total for sellers. The specific amount depends on whether you have a personal, premier or business PayPal account.