How to Accept Track Changes in Word 2010

By Katelyn Kelley

Track Changes is a feature of Microsoft Word 2010 that allows you to edit a document without actually changing anything in the document. If you delete a word, it's struck out, but the word remains on the page so you can see it was originally there. Changes made with the Track Changes feature on are not permanent until you "accept" them. You can add comments, add text, change formatting or change anything in the document, but the original document is not altered until you tell Microsoft Word to accept the changes and save the document.

Things You'll Need

  • A Word document to edit

Step 1

Open the Word document you want to edit.

Step 2

Click the "Review" tab, then click the "Track Changes" button to turn the feature on. When the button is colored orange, it is in the "on" mode.

Step 3

Click on the text of the document and make changes to it. You will see colored text as you type, the color indicating that your edits aren't yet permanent.

Step 4

Click the "Show Markup" button on the "Review" tab, then choose "Balloons" from the sub-menu to set how you want to see the editing changes displayed--either as balloons out to the side of the document or within the document itself.

Step 5

Click the "New Comment" button to the left of the "Track Changes" button to add comments to the document, such as questions you want to ask or notes you want to leave.

Step 6

Click at the top of your document when you finish editing and click the "Next" button on the "Reviewing" tab to step through each of the tracked changes one by one.

Step 7

Click the "Accept" or "Reject" button on the "Reviewing" tab when Word highlights a change to tell the program if you want to make that change to your document permanent or delete it.

Step 8

Click the "File" tab in the upper left, then "Save" to save all accepted changes to your document.

Tips & Warnings

  • When you receive a document with tracked changes in it, vertical black lines along the left margin indicate that a change has been made on that line or in that paragraph to help you spot them more quickly.
  • You can use the "Reject" button as you step through your document changes to remove any comments you don't want saved with the document.
  • If you accidentally leave comments embedded in the document, others who open the document will have access to those comments. Be sure to use the "Reject" button to remove all comments from the document before you share it with others if those comments are confidential.