How to Access Work Email From Home

By Jesse Lanclos

Sometimes, the regular workday isn't enough time to get your day's work done. Taking work home has become a way of life for many people. If you're one of these people, the ability to access your work email from home is essential to your success.

Step 1

Ask your workplace's technical support department for help to log on from home. Some offices set up web access to your email from home, and your tech support department can instruct how to take advantage of this service. One popular way employers provide this is through Microsoft Web Access. With Microsoft Web Access, you can log in using any web browser and access your email from any web-enabled computer.

Step 2

If your office uses Outlook for email, ask if you can set up your home computer to access your email through Outlook. You will need your login information and your incoming and outgoing mail servers from your tech support department.

Step 3

If your company provides POP or IMAP access, visit mail2web. From the homepage, enter your email address and password to log in to your email from any web browser.

Step 4

Set up a free Gmail email account. If you use Outlook for email at work, you can automatically forward all email you receive to your Gmail account. Gmail also provides automatic filtering features that enable you to automatically organize incoming mail.

Step 5

Ask your IT department if remote computer access is available. Once set up, remote computer access lets you work from home by accessing and controlling your work computer.