How to Accomplish Free Email Address Searches

By Techwalla Contributor

Need to find somebody? Free email address searches can help you accomplish that by locating a person using an email address, or by tracking down the sender of a vague or unwanted email. Although there a lots of ways to do free email address searches, some are much more effective than others and get straight to the point without delay. Here's how you can blow somebody's mind by using free email address searches.

Step 1

So where do you start tracking a person down when you have only their email address? Go to the source to or origin of the email if you know where it is. This is always free and probably the best way to start out with free email address searches. If it's hotmail then go to hotmail, yahoo then visit yahoo, you get the idea. Once you are on their site then you are able to navigate to the area where you can search through members and input the address. Do that and see what comes up. Lots of people put in their real first and last names when they register an email address so you might hit the jackpot.

Step 2

If you don't have success with the first step you can go a few different routes from here. The next best thing to do is try a third party website that will run free email address searches for you. They have access to a lot of information the regular people don't, and can be a good way to accomplish this. They provide basic searches for free nearly 100% of the time, but if you want more in depth information you might have to pay a small fee. Each and every site has a different way of going about this too so it's best to check yourself and find out.

Step 3

Usually your quest to find the owner of an email address will end at step 2, but there are other alternatives for free email address searches that are at least worthwhile to explain. One of those alternatives is to try a basic search engine query and look at what turns up. If the email address in question has been soliciting anyone else and people are talking or posting about it online it might be very likely that it would be returned in your search results, and you know that this method will always be free.

Step 4

Essentially, these are all the steps that you can take in order to accomplish free email address searches. Make sure that you are methodical and thorough during the whole process so that you don't miss any important details and you should have no problem getting the information that you want.