How to Activate a MetroPCS MetroFLASH Account

By Contributing Writer

MetroFLASH allows customers who have a CDMA (code division multiple access) handset purchased on another mobile network, to join the MetroPCS network. Once more widespread, this is expected to do away with the requirement of new customers having to buy only MetroPCS phones to receive service. MetroFLASH is available through all MetroPCS company-owned stores, and certain MetroPCS retailers, serving all MetroPCS markets with few exceptions.

Join MetroFLASH

Step 1

Record the model number, usually found directly on the phone and located underneath the battery. Reference this number with a list of compatible phones for the MetroFLASH program, at either one of the following websites; or

Step 2

If the phone is not listed as compatible, the phone will not qualify for the MetroFLASH program. If the phone is listed as compatible, take it into a MetroPCS company store, or a MetroPCS retailer that has MetroFLASH capability for activation; a list of stores is available at the following website;

Step 3

Once you find a MetroPCS company store, or a MetroPCS retailer with MetroFLASH capability, you must take your phone to the store for activation. Activation is $30 to $40, and you will get your first month of service for free, with each additional month of unlimited local, long distance, and text messaging at $40 a month.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check the referenced websites to see if MetroFLASH is available in your area.Check the referenced websites to see a listing of MetroPCS retailers with MetroFLASH capabilities.
  • MetroPCS phones can only be activated in a store or over the phone.MetroFLASH phones can only be activated in a store.