How to Activate an Old Verizon Wireless Phone on Prepaid

By Michael Jones

Using a Verizon wireless phone with a prepaid plan offers a cheap alternative to subscribing to a monthly plan. You will find a few different plan options that will suit your needs. Even an older phone can be used with prepaid plans.

Step 1

Make sure the phone has a battery. If it doesn't, you will have to go online and search for your phone's make and model. If your phone is old, it may be difficult to find a replacement battery. If your phone already has a battery, you will only need a charger. Again, if you don't have a charger for your phone, go online or go to your local electronics store and look for one.

Step 2

Charge your phone by plugging the charger tip into the phone, and the other end into an electrical outlet. It's best to let your phone fully charge when using it for the first time.

Step 3

Turn on your phone by pressing and holding the "end" button until your phone turns on. The "end" button will have a red phone on it and will be directly across from the green "send" button.

Step 4

Dial *22888 and hit the "send" button. Here you will go through a menu where you will have to type in your area code and choose a prepaid plan. Each plan has different features, so listen carefully when hearing your options. After you choose an option, you will be given a phone number and after your first call, you will be asked to choose a language setting.