How to Add a Friend on Twitter

By Marie Louise

The social networking site Twitter helps users connect with family, friends and people with similar interests. You can let friends and family know anything from what you ate for breakfast to your plans for the weekend—as long as it's only 140 characters or less! Unlike other networking sites, friends aren't added by accepting friend requests. Twitter lets you follow and be followed by anyone with a Twitter account.

Step 1

Log into your account on Twitter. You'll be taken to your Twitter home page.

Step 2

Look at the top of the page where you'll see the options "Home," "Profile," "Find People," "Settings," "Help" and "Sign Out."

Step 3

Click on "Find People." This takes you to the "Find On Twitter" tab. The other three tabs are "Browse Suggestions," "Find Friends" and "Invite By Email."

Step 4

Type the name of a person, either a first, or first and last name or the name of a business. Click the "Search" button. Find the person you want to follow, then click on the icon with the outline of a person with a plus side next to the head.

Step 5

Click the "Invite By Email" tab. Enter one or more email addresses inside the box. Put a comma between each email, and then click "Invite." The person who receives the invite can get a Twitter account or sign in to their account and begin following you.

Step 6

Go to the tab "Find Friends" and click on it. On the left side, choose "Gmail," "Yahoo" or "AOL". Enter your email address and the password you use to access your email account, then click "Find Friends" below the password box. Click "Send Request" to invite that person to follow you.

Step 7

Click on the "Browse Suggestions" tab. On the left side of the page is a list of categories. Click on a category to get a list of Twitter users who are interested in that subject. Click the "Follow" button on the right side to begin following them.