How to Add a Printer Without a CD

By Steven Symes

Printers typically come with an installation CD that contains an installation program. This program places the printer's drivers and software, allowing the printer and computer to communicate effectively. The printer's software also helps manage the printer from the computer, including helping solve problems with the printer and facilitating additional printer functions such as scanning. To install the printer without the CD, you will need an Internet connection on your computer, as well as a cable to connect your printer and computer together.

Step 1

Turn on the printer and the computer you wish to use with it. Open up the computer's web browser and find the printer manufacturer's home page.

Step 2

Look for and click on a link on the printer manufacturer's web page that says "Driver/Software Downloads" or something similar.

Step 3

Enter the printer's model number, which is printed on the printer's case, and select the operating system your computer uses. Click on the "Download" button next to the installation software for your printer.

Step 4

Open the printer's installation software and follow any on-screen instructions it gives. When the software prompts, connect the cable between the computer and the printer.

Step 5

Restart your computer if the software directs you to.