How to Add an Email Address to My Address Book

By Jacqui Lane

If you have trouble remembering the email addresses of people you contact frequently, you should save them in your address book. Most, if not all, web-based email providers and email client programs provide some type of address book that you can use to save and organize your contacts.

Step 1

Save contacts in your Outlook address book. Open Outlook and click "Contacts" to access your Contacts manager. Click "New" and enter the information for the person that you wish to add. In addition to saving the name and email address, you can store telephone and fax numbers, instant messenger screen names and a mailing address.

Step 2

Store email addresses in Windows Contacts (available in Windows Vista and Windows 7). Locate Windows Contacts by clicking "Start" and "All Programs." Click "New Contact" to enter the name, email address and other contact information for the person that you wish to add.

Step 3

Add contacts to the address book provided by your web-based email provider. If you use Yahoo! Mail, Gmail or Hotmail, you can access your address book by clicking "Contacts." Simply click the link to add a new contact and enter your friend's name and email address.