How to Add Exceptions to the Firewall in Norton Security

By Tiffany Garden

Norton Internet Security is a security software suite specifically designed to protect your computer from online security problems. Norton Internet Security includes a firewall that prevents programs from connecting to your Internet connection unless you have a specific exception in place for the software. This prevents trojans, viruses and other malware from establishing a connection to transfer sensitive data, download more malicious files and other problems.

Step 1

Click "Norton Internet Security" in the main menu of the Norton Internet Security software.

Step 2

Choose "Settings."

Step 3

Select "Personal Firewall."

Step 4

Choose the "Configure" button. Click "Personal Firewall."

Step 5

Choose "Program Control" to get to the options menu to select the programs that can go through the Norton firewall. Select your program from the list provided.

Step 6

Click "Allow" and "OK." This program can now access the Internet through the firewall.