How to Adjust a Laptop Touchpad

By Perry Piekarski

Your Windows laptop or notebook computer has a Touchpad built into it in front of the keyboard. Much like a computer mouse or the Trackpad used in Macs, the Touchpad allows you to move the cursor on your computer screen to click, select, and highlight objects. The way your Touchpad functions is completely customizable, and you can change a number of settings such as cursor speed, left/right-hand preference, and tapping, a feature that allows you to tap the Touchpad for the same effect as left-clicking your mouse.

Step 1

Access the menu to adjust the mouse settings for your computer by either accessing the Control Panel on your PC (found in the Start Menu) and clicking "Hardware and Sound" followed by the "Mouse" option (under "Devices and Printers") or by right-clicking the Desktop, selecting "Personalize", and selecting "Change Mouse Pointers".

Step 2

Adjust the mouse using the Mouse Properties menu by looking through each of the tabs and changing the settings. This will adjust the way your touchpad works. You can make your touchpad left-handed, change the double-click speed, make the cursor move more quickly, and customize a variety of other options from this menu.

Step 3

Confirm your changes by clicking "Apply" and then "OK" at the bottom of the "Mouse Properties" menu.