How to Answer an iPhone With the EarPods Push Button

If you're out and about and prefer to keep your iPhone in your pocket or bag, you can plug in your Apple EarPods and use the push, or central, remote control button to answer and manage incoming calls. You can also make hands-free calls if you enable Apple's personal assistant, Siri, on your iPhone.

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Apple's EarPods have a built-in microphone.
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Answering Calls

Answer an incoming call on your iPhone by pressing the "Center" button on your EarPods once. If you need to adjust the volume during the call, press the "+" button at the top of the control or the "-" button at the bottom. When the call is finished, press the "Center" button once to disconnect the call. You can also use this button to decline a call by holding it down for a few seconds before releasing it -- you should hear two beeps and the call will go to voice mail.

Putting Calls on Hold

Your EarPods have an on-hold function, so you can also use them to answer and manage multiple calls. If you're chatting to one person and another call comes in, press the "Center" button once to put the first call on hold and take the second call. Press this button again to return to the first call. If you want to end the first call to take the second, press the "Center" button for a few seconds and then let go. You should hear two beeps and then your call should go through to the second caller.

Using Your EarPods to Make Calls

If your iPhone is Siri-enabled, you can use your EarPods to make a hands-free call. Press and hold down the "Center" button for a few seconds to start Siri. When you hear beeps, say who you want to call. After a few seconds, Siri should confirm the action, and the call will start to dial. You can then use your EarPod controls as you would when answering a call.