How to attach file(s) to email messages

By Techwalla Contributor

Sending files over email, not sure how to attach them, or how to attach more than one. This should answer that question.

Things You'll Need

  • ISP
  • Outlook
  • Email message
  • Files to attach
  • Computer, internet connection, Keyboard, mouse

Step 1

Often I get this question on how to attach an item to an email.For that here is how we attach a file, or files to an email. Start a new mail message in outlook. Picture attached

Step 2

Once the new message window is up you now have a new list of menu items across the top:Message, Insert, Options, Format Text, Developer, and Adobe your menus may vary slightly, please be aware of this.

Step 3

At this point type up your message as you wish to send when you are ready we can now attach an item. To do so select the insert menu option.

Step 4

Once you are on the insert tab, you should see on the left, two options, attach file or attach item.To attach a file or a group of files select the option to attach file.This brings up the windows dialog box for you to find the file you wish to attach.

Step 5

In the windows dialog box at the top, there is a drop down arrow for you to navigate to the location of the file you wish to attach.

Step 6

Navigate to the location of the file you wish to attach, and once you have found the file double click on it. You will now see the item attached to the email message.

Step 7

For any additional files you will do the same thing. If you have more than one file you wish to attach once you navigate to the location of the files. Click the first file, then holding the control key on the keyboard, you click each additional file.

Step 8

Once done the files you want to attach should now be highlighted. Click on Insert in the lower right hand corner of the windows dialog box. This will add the highlighted files to the email.Once attached click send. You have now sent an email with attachments.

Tips & Warnings

  • If adding a lot of files to an email it might be better to ZIP them up.
  • Be sure what you select, is the file you want to send.
  • If are typing a long email to go with the atachments save regularly while typing.
  • If the email address is already filled out and you click send/receive the email will go out.
  • Might be better for longer emails to type it up inn word first.