How to Automatically Delete TTF Fonts

By Joshua Duvauchelle

TrueType fonts (fonts ending with the ".ttf" file suffix) were originally created by computer manufacturer Apple Inc. Since TrueType fonts (TTF) were released in the '80s, the fonts became ubiquitous in publishing and graphic design. Many modern PC and Mac computers don't rely so heavily on TrueType fonts. Some computer users may wish to delete TTF fonts. Thankfully, there is an automated way to delete TTF fonts instead of having to manually uninstall each font file.

Step 1

Click the "Start" menu in your startup bar in Windows. On a Mac, click the spyglass icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to open the Spotlight search menu.

Step 2

Select "Settings" in the Start menu, then click "Control Panel" (Windows). Skip this step if you're using a Mac computer.

Step 3

Open the Fonts folder (Windows). In a Mac, type ".ttf" in the Spotlight search box.

Step 4

Sort the resulting folder of fonts by type (Windows and Mac). This will group all of the similar fonts together, including all of the .TTF fonts. Select the fonts you want by holding down the "CTRL" key on your PC keyboard, or "Control" on a Mac keyboard.

Step 5

Delete the .TTF fonts you want to uninstall.

Tips & Warnings

  • OpenType fonts are an alternative to TTF font files.
  • Only delete TTF fonts if you're sure that no installed programs or files require them.