How to Blend Two Images Together in Photoshop

By Steve Smith

To make a real, attention grabbing and visually interesting collage, you need to learn to blend two images together in Photoshop. Once you gain this skill, you can make the professional looking brochures, posters, postcards and fine art that people admire. You can also make nearly anything you can imagine, by using your own photographs.

Things You'll Need

  • Photoshop CS3
  • Computer
  • Two images

Step 1

Open both images in Photoshop CS3. Each will open in a separate document window. You want them both in the same window, so select the pointer tool, and click on one image and drag it into the other image document window. Now, both will be in the same window.

Step 2

Select the "Free Transform" tool in the upper navigation bar and size the images until they are aligned just how you want them to be aligned.

Step 3

Press "Alt" and double click on the "Background" layer in the layer tool box to unlock the background image. This renames the image as "Layer 0." You can now move this image and edit it, as we'll do next.

Step 4

Add a "Layer Mask" to the top image in the fade, by selecting this image in the Layers tool box and clicking the "Add Layer Mask" icon, which is a square with a circle inside of it. This icon is located in the lower part of the same tool box.

Step 5

Select the "Gradient" tool on the left hand tool box, and choose the black to white gradient option. Be sure the layer mask is selected while you do this. It will appear in your layer box white a white background, as the selected layer you are working in.

Step 6

Drag your pointer over the portion of the image you want to blend together. Since the gradient is in a layer mask, the black and white fade does not appear. Instead, the two photographs will blend together.

Step 7

Merge both layers into a new layer by pressing ctrl-shift-alt-E. Now you can work with the entire blended image in one layer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Using two photos that are close in color will work best, however the two photos do not have to be identical in color to create a perfect grade. You can adjust the "noise" of each photo to make a more seamless blend, or de-saturate the new image and add your own colors afterward as well.