How to Block a Harassing Cell Phone Number

By Susan Reynolds

If you are receiving harassing phone calls from someone, there may be a way you can block their number, but it might not be easy. There are no widespread policies held by cell phone companies that block someone's phone number. Usually, you must get a court order or some kind of legal document to get your cell phone provider to block a number. You will not get a number blocked just because you don't want someone to call you--it must be a threatening or stalking situation.

Step 1

Call your service provider and ask if they will block a certain number from your phone. Many companies will not do this without a police report, but you can always ask to find out.

Step 2

Contact the police and let them know you are receiving harassing phone calls. Forty-four states in the U.S. have laws against phone harassment.

Step 3

File a police report that lists all of the times you've received calls or texts from the harasser. Get a subpoena to order the phone company to block the harasser's number from your phone. Some phone companies will help you without a subpoena.

Step 4

Get a call blocker service, which can block calls from certain numbers (see Resources section). Some companies require people to dial a code (set by you) before the call is forwarded to your phone.

Step 5

Change your cell number and give your new number to people you trust.