How to Block an Unwanted Number on Your Home Phone

Selective call rejection, or call blocking, allows up to 10 numbers to be blocked from calling a landline phone. These numbers can be known or unknown numbers, and the service allows for the most recent call to be blocked through the system prompts. Blocking the last call is known as "private entry." Call blocking is a temporary, reversible service and is available to subscribers of caller identification service.

Caller blocking prevents unwanted calls from connecting.

Blocking from a Landline Phone


Dial "*60" from the landline phone the unwanted number will be blocked from calling. This call can only be made from the landline phone that the number will need to be blocked from calling.


Dial the number that needs to be blocked. The system prompt allows the ability to block the most recent call even if the number is unknown.


Dial "3" to activate the service and confirm the entries. Pressing "3" is required to activate this service in certain locations and you will be prompted to press the number if it is necessary.