How to Block My IP Address on uTorrent

By Mitchell White

The file-sharing program uTorrent allows you to download various files from other people on the Internet. The problem is, this method of downloading files leaves your IP address--which can be used to identify you--open for others to view and exploit. You can use various free programs online to block your IP address in order to minimize your risk when downloading through uTorrent.

Step 1

Use the program "Peer Guardian" to block your IP address from suspicious connections. If there's a particular IP address you suspect is used by a hacker, you can use the program to keep that address from connecting to you. Peer Guardian also will automatically download long lists of IP addresses of suspected problem users and block them from connecting to you on uTorrent.

Step 2

Try the program IP Hider for another way to block your IP. While the program is running, you can use the "Show IP" button to see the difference between your real IP address and the fake one shown to others. This program is free to use for a few days as a tryout before purchase. As of May 2010, the full version of IP Hider costs $29.99.

Step 3

Download and install EasyHideIP for another way to keep your IP address private. Use the "Hide IP" button to begin blocking your real IP and showing a fake one. The program is free to use for one particular IP, but you''ll have to pay a fee of $3.99 (as of May 2010) to use the full version.