How to Block Private Numbers on a Cell Phone

By Michael Jones

It is impossible to block someone who keeps calling your cell phone from a private or unknown number because no number is displayed. You can, however, block all private calls coming to your phone. When a person calls your phone from a private number, an automated message will inform him that the phone he is calling doesn't accept private calls. He will have no other choice but to call from a listed number if he wants to get through to your phone. This can have its good and bad points. Not all service providers allow you to block private calls. Many providers offer a number change for a small fee.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone

Blocking Private Numbers

Step 1

Go into your phone's settings.

Step 2

Go to "Network Services."

Step 3

Go to "Call Barring."

Step 4

Choose to block private calls. You will have the option to block a specific number or block all private callers. Some phones even have additional options to choose from.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your phone's settings don't allow you to do this, you will have to call you service provider and ask how to block private calls. Not all service providers allow for this option.