How to Build a Chat Room With HTML

By Faizah Imani

One way to encourage visitors to return to your website is to incorporate a web interaction tool. An HTML chat room can be easily built into a website and is a great way to connect with visitors. If you know how to copy and paste, you can have a chat room up and running in no time.

Step 1

Visit a website that offers HTML code for chat rooms.,,, and are a few of the websites that will provide you with code. While some of the sites offer free code in exchange for banner advertisements being used on your website, other sites will allow you to pay a fee to remove the advertisements.

Step 2

Sign up for a chat room account.

Step 3

Customize the settings for your chat room, such as the font color, background color and size. Save the customization settings.

Step 4

Copy the HTML code for your chat room.

Step 5

Paste the chat room's HTML code onto your website through your website's HTML editor.

Step 6

Save your settings.