How to Build a WIFI Antenna

By braniac

We live in an age where all our gadgets and gizmos have a wireless capability. If you are like me, you often have a problem with signal strength. I have found an easy solution to that problem.

Things You'll Need

  • Stock Paper or Transperancy sheet
  • Printer (for template)
  • Scissors
  • Stick Glue
  • Wireless Router
  • WIFI compatible gadget

Step 1

We all like cheap and free things right? Cheap in this case means much more than getting something we all desperately need for free. It also means frequently not voiding a warranty on an appliance that you already own.

Step 2

We have all seen the antennas that will boot your WIFI signal. Many of these products attempting to boost your wireless Internet signal require you to open your device to install the antenna. This procedure can void your warranty and even damage your product. The next steps will explain how to build your own antenna out of parts you have, without voiding your warranty.

Step 3

Save the template that I am providing here and resize it in your graphics software. Carefully cut around the edges and poke a hole through the cross hairs.

Step 4

Take your average everyday cheap tinfoil and glue it onto the Windsurfer template. Assemble the template using the slots and simply slip your new antenna onto your Linksys (or other brands ) router.

Step 5

Not only will this antenna boost your wireless Internet signal, but it can effectively keep other people from stealing your WIFI signal. In a sense it takes the waves that would normally broadcast randomly from your Lynksys router and effectively channels those WIFI waves in a direction that you wish for them to go in.

Step 6

I am adding a video so you can see that this actually does work as well as a link for downloading the template if you don't have any graphics software. Using this antenna can save you money, as well as the frustrating task of reconnecting after a dropped signal. In using this antenna we could boost WIFI signal across our house and connect a computer that would never even see a signal before.

Tips & Warnings

  • IF you double the size of your antenna you can gain even more signal strength.
  • Focus the antenna in the direction you need the signal to go in.
  • Use this antenna to keep your neighbors from stealing your services.
  • Buying a commercial antenna and installing it can void your warranty.
  • When opening any computer equipment you can be shocked even if the system is turned off.
  • Static from your body can emit a spark that will effectively turn your $3,000 dollar piece of equipment into a plant stand.