How to Build a Wireless Signal Booster

By Curtis Fease

As if the Internet becoming largely available in the 1990s wasn't advancement enough, we now have WiFi access that allows us to surf the Web just by being within range of a network that is connected to the Internet. But with this technology came certain hassles, like not being able to get a good signal. You can buy hardware to increase your signal, but it is highly unnecessary when for just a few dollars and these simple instructions you can make your own wireless signal booster.

Things You'll Need

  • Parabolic cooking strainer
  • USB wireless thumb drive (G or B/G)
  • 10-foot USB extender
  • Wire snips
  • Clothes hanger
  • Black spray paint

Step 1

Lay the parabolic strainer in front of you. Use the wire snips to cut out a small hole in the center of the parabolic strainer, but make sure the hole is small enough that only the USB extension cord goes through it.

Step 2

Push the tip of the USB cord (the part that connects to the thumb drive) into the back of the hole you cut. Now plug the USB thumb drive into the extension cord. The hole should be small enough that the thumb drive is held in place in the very center of the strainer.

Step 3

Carry the strainer around with you if using a laptop to get a better signal to your computer. Wherever you set up your booster, adjust its direction to ensure the best signal. If you want to make the booster look more professional, continue to Step 4.

Step 4

Take the clothes hanger and pull on the bottom of it (in the middle) until you have a diamond shape. Bend the bottom half of the "diamond" upwards. You should now have a sort of "loop" that is pointing upwards if you were to sit the hanger on a flat surface. Put the extension cord through this loop and attach it to the back of the parabolic strainer using electrical tape.

Step 5

Bend the head of the clothes hanger backwards and hook it into the bottom of the strainer.

Step 6

Set up your booster within line of sight of your computer and enjoy. Remember that you could get even better signal strength by pointing the strainer into a different direction.

Tips & Warnings

  • To give your booster a sleek look, you can spray paint the strainer (and clothes hanger if using one) black before constructing it.
  • If you have trouble finding a parabolic cooking strainer, look in an Asian food market.