How to Burn a DVD From a DVR

By Kent Ninomiya

Burning a DVD from a DVR is a simple and straightforward process. Digital video recorders store video data on an internal hard drive. The data are usually recorded from cable or satellite television broadcasts and can easily be transferred to a DVD recorder that can then "burn" the data onto a blank DVD.

Things You'll Need

  • DVR
  • DVD recorder
  • Composite video cables
  • Blank DVD

Step 1

Locate the audio and video outputs on your DVR. These will be three plugs on the back of the DVR marked "video," "audio L" and "audio R." They are usually color-coded yellow, red and white. Make sure the jacks are marked "Output."

Step 2

Locate the audio and video inputs on your DVD recorder. These will also be color-coded yellow, red and white. Make sure the jacks are marked "Input."

Step 3

Plug composite video cables into both the DVR output jacks and DVD recorder input jacks. Composite video cables come connected in sets of three. Some are color-coded; others are not. If they are color-coded, plug the yellow cable ends into the yellow jacks, red into red and white into white. If they are not color-coded, you must make sure that all the cables match the corresponding colored jacks.

Step 4

Place a blank DVD in the DVD recorder. It is important to know whether your DVD recorder uses DVD+ or DVD- discs. These are different systems, and they are not interchangeable.

Step 5

Burn directly to a DVD. This is the slower of your two options. You can do this by playing the program on your DVR and pressing "record" on the DVD recorder. The program will be recorded on the blank DVD in real time. That means a two-hour program will take two hours to record.

Step 6

Burn a DVD using the DVD recorder hard drive. This is a faster option if you're burning more than one copy of a DVD. You must first download the DVR program into the hard drive in real time. Press "Play" on the DVR and record the program to the hard disc drive, or HDD. You can then edit, create chapters and give titles before burning the DVDs at high speed. A two-hour recording can take as little as 12 minutes at high speed.

Step 7

Remember to "finish" the DVD. This is an important step so that the DVD can be viewed on any DVD player. Select "Finish DVD" from the Record menu. It will ask you to select a menu slate, then it will spend about a minute finishing the DVD. The process is now complete.

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