How to Burn a DVD in Windows 7

By Steven S. Warren

Windows 7 offers you the ability to burn a DVD or a CD out of the box. You do not need to purchase additional software to burn or make a CD. A wizard walks you through the process of burning DVDs for backup purposes, music, videos and downloaded software. You also have the ability to download an ISO image from the Web and right-click on the image file to burn directly to a DVD out of the box. Windows 7 offers a plethora of opportunities for you to burn media without purchasing additional software.

Step 1

Insert DVD/CD into tray. You have the option of using the disc like a USB flash drive or to burn files to the disc that can't be edited once the writing is complete.

Step 2

Select "With a CD/DVD player to burn a DVD/CD disc."

Step 3

Click "Next" and you now have the ability to drag and drop files onto the disc. As you start dropping files onto the DVD, a message appears that you have files waiting to be burned to a disc.

Step 4

Click "Burn to disc" when you are ready to make your DVD/CD. Enter the disc title and click "Next." The wizard begins to burn the disc and provides you with a progress indicator. Click "Finish" and the disc ejects when the process reaches 100 percent.

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