How to Burn an MP3 CD With Folders

By Kristen Waters

You can organize your MP3 files into folders (directories). A top-level (parent) directory can have as many sub-directories (children) as necessary. When transferring the MP3 files onto a CD, it is possible to retain the directory structure that was created on the hard drive. This allows you to back up and transfer MP3s without having to reorganize anything.

Things You'll Need

  • Recordable CD

Step 1

Organize your MP3s into the folders that you want on the CD. For example, create a folder for each artist then create sub-folders for each album.

Step 2

Insert a blank, recordable CD in the computer's CD burner.

Step 3

Open the "My Computer" folder, which is found under the "Start" menu.

Step 4

Double click on the CD-ROM icon. This will open a folder for the blank CD.

Step 5

Click on the parent folder or folders that you want on the CDs and press the "Ctrl" and "C" keys simultaneously on your keyboard. To select more than one folder, hold down the "Ctrl" key as you click on each folder.

Step 6

Place your cursor in the blank CD folder and press the "Ctrl" and "P" keys simultaneously on your keyboard to paste the folders.

Step 7

Click the "Write these files to CD" option on the left side of the screen to burn the files to the CD.

Tips & Warnings

  • The procedures for burning CDs are similar on other operating systems.
  • Do not attempt to place burn more files than the CD will hold. A typical CD holds about 650 megabytes of data.