How to Burn Movies Using HandBrake

By braniac

Having a large DVD collection is fine, but what if don't want to keep all those DVDs, or want backups of them in case they get damaged, or want to watch movies on your iPod? HandBrake is a great software that can easily do all this for you - keep reading to find out how!

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • Blank DVDs (optional)

Step 1

To start with, download HandBrake from

Step 2

Once you've gotten it installed, insert your DVD into your computer. If your computer is set to start the movie automatically, just exit the movie. Open up your "My Computer" to see if the DVD is in the drive. If it is, open up HandBrake.

Step 3

Once HandBrake is open, look at the top-left side of the window. There should be a button that says, "Source". Click on it and find the DVD (should be located in Computer in your DVD Drive).

Step 4

If you're using the Video-TS and Audio-TS files directly (such as the case with downloaded movies) then search and choose those instead.

Step 5

On the right-hand side is a bar with all the preset output settings - these are the ones most commonly used. If you want to copy a movie to watch it on your iPod, choose the iPod settings. If you want to make a copy of the DVD, or just have the video file on your computer for playback, choose the Basic setting.

Step 6

After you've gotten your Source and Output settings complete, hit the Start button on the top left-hand side. HandBrake will do the rest and tell you when your movie is complete.