How to Burn One CD From Another CD

By J.M. Chanel

Burning one CD from another CD is a simple task that can be accomplished by any computer that has a CD burner and a burning program. You don't even need to have two CD drives for this task, as the burning program will create an exact copy of your original CD on your computer's hard drive, then burn that to a CD-R disc. Discs that contain copyrighted material may have copy protection that will prevent you from making copies in this method, but it will work perfectly for making backups of CDs you have created.

Things You'll Need

  • Original CD
  • Computer with CD burner
  • CD burning software
  • Blank CD-R

Step 1

Insert the original CD into your computer's CD burner drive.

Step 2

Open your CD-burning program. Popular choices include Nero for the PC or Roxio Toast for the Mac.

Step 3

Select the "CD Copy" mode. Depending on what software you are using, this mode may be under a different, but similar, title.

Step 4

Press the "Record" button on your CD burner. The program will then begin to make a copy of your original disc. Once it is done, it will eject the disc and prompt you for a blank one.

Step 5

Insert the blank CD-R into the CD-burning drive and wait for it to finish recording.

Step 6

Verify that the data is intact by opening any files burnt to the disc. If they open properly, the disc has been copied successfully.

Tips & Warnings

  • Making unauthorized copies of copyrighted CDs, including music and software, can be illegal. While you may make copies of these discs for your own private backup purposes, it is illegal to distribute them in any way, shape or form.