How to Burn VCR Tapes to DVD

By Cameron Easey

If you have home movies that you recorded on old VHS tapes, you can preserve them by converting the video to a DVD. This can be done by connecting a VCR to a computer and then recording the VHS tapes as a digital movie file. The digital movie file can then be converted to a DVD using a DVD recording program. You can burn VCR tapes to DVD by first making sure your computer has a TV tuner installed.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD burner
  • TV tuner
  • Audio/video cables

Record from the VCR

Step 1

Connect the VCR to the TV tuner in the computer with the audio/video cables. Place one end of the audio/video cables into the output on the VCR and place the other end into the input on the TV tuner.

Step 2

Open the TV tuner software on the computer by double clicking the icon on the desktop.

Step 3

Insert a tape into the VCR. You will then need to start the record option on the software and press the play button on the VCR.

Step 4

Stop the recording when the video on the VCR tape has ended and then save the recorded video to your computer.

Burning the DVD

Step 1

Open a DVD burning program on your computer, such as Nero.

Step 2

Click on the option to burn a DVD. If you are using Nero you can highlight the Picture and Video option and select the "Make Your Own DVD-Video" option.

Step 3

Locate and then select the video file, saved on your system, that you created from the VCR tape.

Step 4

Insert a blank DVD disk into the drive and then click the option to burn the file to the DVD.

Step 5

Wait for the burn process to complete and you will have a new DVD movie.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many TV tuner cards will record video in an AVI or MPEG format. Either will work to convert to a DVD.
  • Do not have any other computer programs open when recording a VCR tape. Other programs can use additional process power and cause delays or skips in the recording.