How to Calculate Geometric Means in Excel

By Oxana Fox

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets support a large number of mathematical formulas to perform operations on data, including a special formula that allows you to instantly calculate the geometric mean. The geometric mean is an average of the set of "N" numbers. This mean is defined as the "N"-th root of the product of numbers (N1 x N2 x ...Nn) that comprise the set.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Excel. Press "Ctrl-N" to create a new spreadsheet.

Step 2

Enter your set of numbers in the column "A" of the spreadsheet. For example, if your set includes four numbers -- 12, 45.5, 89 and 2.4, for example -- enter them in the cells "A1" through "A4."

Step 3

Click on the cell "B1." Press the "=" key on the keyboard.

Step 4

Type the formula "GEOMEAN(A1:A4") and press "Enter."

Step 5

Read the geometric mean that is automatically calculated in cell "B1." In this example, the geometric mean of the numbers 12, 45.5, 89 and 2.4 is 18.48.