How to Call a UK Cell Phone

By Jayzee A

In the U.S., you must dial an area code, a prefix that depends on what area in which you live. In the United Kingdom, the cell phone number's area code depends on the provider. Cell phone providers usually have their own area codes, so if you call a United Kingdom cellphone, it is good to know what provider the cell phone uses. If you know the cell phone provider's area code, calling a United Kingdom cell phone from the United States is relatively easy.

Step 1

Dial 011 before dialing any area codes or numbers. Dialing 011 will allow you to dial internationally. These three numbers are referred to as the international access code.

Step 2

Dial the country code of the country you are calling. The United Kingdom's country code is 44.

Step 3

Dial the provider's area code. The area code is three digits. It starts with 07 followed by one more digit.

Step 4

Dial the cell phone number to complete the call.