How to Call Long Distance to France

By April Ort

Making a long-distance call to France can be complicated when you consider the unique country code, area codes and individual phone numbers that must be accurately dialed to connect. Making such a call can be considerably easier if you know the proper dialing procedures. Make sure you have the correct phone number before attempting an expensive international telephone call.

Things You'll Need

  • Long-distance code
  • Country code
  • Telephone number
  • Telephone

Step 1

Dial your country's long-distance code. The United States code is 011.

Step 2

Press France's country code, which is 33.

Step 3

Drop the zero from the 10-digit French phone number you are trying to connect with and enter the subsequent nine numbers.

Step 4

Wait for the phone call to connect.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check with your long-distance carrier for international calling rates before making your call.