How to Cancel a Friend Request You Sent on Facebook

By Lara Webster

Before you connect with another Facebook user, the social networking site requires that you send a request for friendship. Once you send the request, the other Facebook user has an opportunity to review it and either accept or deny a friendship with you. If, after sending a friend request, you change your mind, canceling the request is easy. With just click, the friend request will be revoked.

Step 1

Point your browser to the profile of the person to whom you previously sent a friend request. Either use the search engine at the top of the Facebook screen to search for the person by name or click on her name on a mutual friend's profile.

Step 2

Click the "Cancel Friend Request" link just beneath the Facebook user's profile picture.

Step 3

Request friendship from the person again in the future by returning to her profile and clicking the "Add as Friend" button just to the right of her name.