How to Capture YouTube Sound

By Quinten Plummer

YouTube has a wealth of audio and video entertainment, and sometimes you just want to enjoy its content without always having to go online to get it. With the help of an online audio/video conversion tool, capturing the audio from your favorite YouTube videos is a quicker process than real-time recording techniques--and you don't have to edit the output or wait for the entire YouTube video to play.

Step 1

Navigate your web browser to the page of the YouTube video with the audio you wish to capture. Right on the page's URL and select copy (e.g.,

Step 2

Navigate your browser to a YouTube capture site. For this example, use (see Resources for alternative sites).

Step 3

Select the option labeled "MP3 (Audio Only)" from the list menu box on the homepage labeled "Converts to."

Step 4

Right click into the yellow box labeled "URL," and then copy your YouTube link into the box. Click on the "Start" button on the homepage to begin converting the video into an audio file.

Step 5

Allow the page a few minutes to convert the video. As the converter site's servers may be busy processing other requests, you may have to repeat the process if your conversion appears stalled. A download link will appear after the conversion process has completed, choose a location on your computer to save you audio file.