How to Change Columns Into Rows in Excel 2007

By Laura Gittins

In an Excel 2007 spreadsheet, you may find it necessary to rearrange the data in some of the cells. If you want to take the data you have in one or more columns and switch it into rows, use Excel's transpose option. When doing so, you must copy the data. You cannot cut it. When you transpose data, you cannot paste the transposed cells directly over the original cells. You must first paste somewhere else, but you may then cut or copy that new data and then paste it anywhere you want.

Step 1

Click and drag your mouse over the columns and rows that you want to transpose to select them. Press "Ctrl"+"C" to copy the data.

Step 2

Click a cell where you want to paste the transposed data. You cannot paste the data over any of the same cells that you copied.

Step 3

Click the "Home" tab on the ribbon, click the arrow button below "Paste" in the Clipboard group and then click "Transpose."

Step 4

Press "Ctrl"+"C" to copy the cells you just transposed. Click the top, leftmost cell from the original selection. Press "Ctrl"+"V" to paste the transposed data over the original data.