How to Change My Autofill Option

By Jessie Farkas

Autofill is a feature of Apple's Safari browser that automatically fills in certain forms on a Web page by using information from the user's address book, stored user names and passwords and other forms previously filled in on the computer. It is a convenience feature that "remembers" certain information so the computer user doesn't always have to enter it. The feature has a few customizable options.

Things You'll Need

  • Safari Web browser

Step 1

Open Safari.

Step 2

Choose "Preferences" from the Safari toolbar, located at the very top of the computer screen. Safari Preferences will open in a new window.

Step 3

Select "Autofill" from the Safari Preferences dialog. This option should appear at the top of the window in between the "RSS" and "Security" options.

Step 4

Decide which options you want to have enabled.

Step 5

Check the "Using info from my Address Book" box if you would like Safari to autofill Web forms with information about contacts located within the Address Book of your computer.

Step 6

Check the "User names and passwords" box if if you would like Safari to autofill the user names and passwords already saved and stored on your computer. Note that whenever you enter a user name and password on a website, Safari will ask "Do you want Safari to remember this password?" This is the information that would be autofilled by selecting this option.

Step 7

Check the "Other forms" box if you would like Safari to autofill information from websites you have visited in the past which was stored on the computer. Clicking "Edit" next to this option will open a new window that allows you to pick and choose options.

Step 8

Close the Safari Preferences dialog to automatically safe your Autofill options.