How to Change the Brightness on Your Laptop

By Lita McLeary

Laptops are getting more popular for consumers because they come in small sizes and boast enough power to suit the needs of power computer users, gamers and professionals who need to get heavy work done. One advantage that users can enjoy is the portability. Depending on the lighting of the room, the brightness settings of your laptop may need adjustment, and that can be done just like with any standard computer monitor. Although the exact process depends on the laptop model, you may follow the steps below to adjust the brightness on your laptop.

Things You'll Need

  • Working laptop with working keyboard

Step 1

Turn on the laptop and wait for the operating system to completely load.

Step 2

Look at your laptop keyboard and find the keys that have a sun symbol on them. There should be two keys that serve to control the brightness (up and down) settings. Most laptops show these symbols in a different color (usually blue). Also find the "Fn," key which should be the same color as the brightness icons.

Step 3

Hold down the "Fn" key and then press one of the brightness keys, depending on whether you want the display dimmer or brighter. Keep pressing the same brightness key and look at the screen while doing so until you get the brightness level you desire.

Tips & Warnings

  • Common keys to look for in adjusting the brightness are the function keys and arrow keys.
  • If these keys are damaged, there might be other ways to adjust the brightness of your laptop. Check the "Control Panel" if you have Windows installed, then go to the "Display" icon and explore the tabs if there are any video card related functions that control your brightness.
  • Many laptops have an integrated Intel graphics chip. If your laptop has one, check the "Control Panel" for an item labeled "Intel GMA for Mobile", then click "Color Correction." Adjust the brightness from there by moving the slider left and right. Moving the slider to the right makes the screen darker while the opposite end makes the screen brighter. If you wish to restore the brightness settings to their defaults, click the "Restore Defaults" button.
  • Check your laptop manual or Windows XP help as it may contain other ways to change your brightness settings.
  • For a better-looking laptop screen, you may also adjust other display settings such as Hue and Contrast.