How to Change the Case in Excel 2007

By Emmanuelle Douglas

Use change case functions in Excel 2007 to quickly change large sets of data to a consistent text format. This is useful when you get data that is in all caps. Using the change case functions, you can quickly change the case to sentence case, upper case or lower case. When this is applied to a cell range, the cells are modified to look consistent. An example of the change case function is the Proper function. When the Proper function is used, the data is transformed to capitalize the first letter of each word in a cell.

Step 1

Open Excel 2007 and select a workbook that contains data that needs the case changed. Click the "Office" button and select "Open." Browse your computer and locate the workbook. Click the workbook and select "Open."

Step 2

Insert a column near the data. Click on the first cell in the column. Click on the "Formulas" tab in the ribbon. Select the "Text" option. Click "Proper." The Function Arguments window opens. Click on the red box in this window. Highlight the first cell that needs the case changed. The cell reference appears in the Function Arguments window. Click "OK."

Step 3

Review the results of the Proper function. The case of the data has been changed to proper case. The first letter of each word is now capitalized.

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