How to Change the Number That Shows on Caller ID

By Daniel Sole

There are times when you may want to make a phone call to someone, but you do not want them to see your number on their caller ID. Perhaps you have a child who will not answer your call while you are away on vacation and you want to make sure he picks up the phone. Maybe a friend who owes you money has been avoiding you for the last few months. No matter the reason, changing the number that shows up on someone's phone when you call is completely legal.

Step 1

Visit an online service to change your caller ID number. Try or Both these websites offer a free option for switching your caller ID.

Step 2

Click the free option on either website. On, click the "Use It Now Free!" button. On, click the "Free Call!" button.

Step 3

Fill out the fields with the appropriate information. You will be asked to enter your real phone number, the recipient's phone number and the phone number you want to appear when you call.

Step 4

Click the button to make the call. On, this is a "Make Call" button. On, it will be a "Try TeleSpoof" button. Some services may then give you a phone number to call to complete the process. Other services may call your phone and then redirect you to call the recipient.

Step 5

Avoid revealing your identity. Once the recipient is aware of your deceptive tactics, he will undoubtedly try to get you back when you least expect it. Beware.

Tips & Warnings

  • Though placing anonymous phone calls is legal, using this method to carry out illegal activities is by no means acceptable.