How to Change the Time on a Nortel Networks Phone System

By Joshua Laud

If you have a Nortel Networks Phone System then your display should show the time. If the time displayed on the LCD is incorrect then you may have to manually change the time on your device. Once you have changed the time and saved the settings, the new time will show up on the LCD. You change the time using the "Feature" menu on the phone.

Step 1

Press "Feature," then the following sequence of buttons, "* * 2 6 6 3 4 4" (without quotes).

Step 2

Enter your password or the default "266344" as the password when prompted.

Step 3

Press "Next" to read "Time and Date."

Step 4

Press "Show," and then "Change." Enter the new hour. Choose either "AM" or "PM." Press "Next." Repeat this step for the entire date and time.

Step 5

Press "Next" once you have selected all time and date options. This will save your settings.