How to Change Thumbnails on a WMV File

By Jackson Lewis

Windows Media Player has been Microsoft's digital media playing solution for a number of years. It is used for playing music as well as movies and can also be used to view 2D images. The WMV movie file format was designed by Microsoft specifically for play in Windows Media Player. File icons for WMV files are the first frame of the WMV movie. Many times, users have the need or desire to change the default image used for file icons for WMV movies. Through basic image manipulation, the default image for the movie folder can be captured and set to achieve the desired effect of changing the image for your WMV movies.

Step 1

Open the WMV movie in Windows Media Player and select the "Play" menu button.

Step 2

Create a new folder in your movie folder named "Snapshots" by right clicking an empty space in the movies folder and select "Create new folder" from the menu options.

Step 3

Pause the move on the frame that you desire to use as a thumbnail for the movie. Select "File->Save Image" from the main menu options. Save the image to the new "Snapshots" folder created in Step 2.

Step 4

Create another new folder named "My New Movies". Move the movie file to this folder by single left clicking the move and holding the mouse button depressed and drag the movie to the folder.

Step 5

Open the "My New Movies" folder by double-clicking the folder. Then select the "View->Customize This Folder->Folder Pictures->Choose Picture" menu option. Use the file chooser and select the pictures saved in step two. Select the "Apply" menu option followed by the "Ok" menu button. The movie folder will now have the desired thumbnail image for the WMV file.