How to Change Your Cell Phone Number Online

By Eric Rosenberg

Sometimes, you decide there are people you would rather not be able to contact you anymore. When those moments arise, it might be necessary to change your phone number. Changing a cell phone number is fairly simple, and many providers will let you do so on the Internet without visiting a store.

Step 1

Begin by logging into your cell phone providers website. Popular phone companies in the United States include Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cricket and many smaller companies.

Step 2

Once logged in, navigate to the customer service area on the website. You can usually find a link to that section from the log-in landing page.

Step 3

In the customer service section, find a link for changing your phone number. There is generally a charge for this. Verizon, for example, charges $25. Follow the steps to pick a new phone number.

Step 4

If your company does not have a link for changing your number, you can either use the search box at your providers website or find a link for a live chat. Chat representatives have the same abilities as a customer service representative and should be able to handle your request.

Tips & Warnings

  • Companies will only make a change at the request of the master account holder. If you are on a family plan, you need to have the main account holder make the change.
  • Most companies charge a change number fee.