How to Change Your Color in Tinychat

Tinychat provides free chat rooms accessible through a Flash application on the Tinychat website. Using a Facebook, Twitter or Tinychat login, or by entering your name as a one-time guest, anyone can instantly create a new room or join an existing conversation. To help your chat stand out from other users, you can pick from a short list of colors to alter the appearance of your messages.

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Tinychat also supports webcam broadcasts.
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Picking a Text Color

After joining or creating a chat room on Tinychat, click the gear icon to open the Settings menu. Press "Application Settings." Open the "Chat Color" drop-down menu and pick a new color for your text. Click "Save" and your future messages will use the new color. Messages you've already sent will retail their original coloring.

Cycling Through Colors

In addition to using the color menu, you can quickly change to a new color by sending the command "/color" (without quotes). This changes your font color to the next color in order, as listed in the menu. You can't pick a specific color with the "/color" command.