How to Charge a Laptop Battery Without a Laptop

By Monica Miller

A universal complaint from otherwise happy laptop owners is their machines' dismal battery life. A 2-to-3 hour work limit imposed by a standard laptop battery offsets the whole idea of a portable computer. One solution is to carry a spare battery, which hopefully you remembered to charge in your laptop at some earlier time. But wouldn't it be great if there was a way to charge your spare without having to tie up your laptop for the job?

Things You'll Need

  • External laptop battery charger

Step 1

Buy an external laptop battery charger. These devices have a plug that connects to your laptop's battery and another that connects to an AC power source. They are usually brand and model specific (universal chargers are very hard to find), so make sure you know your laptop's exact model number.

Step 2

Turn the laptop off and remove the battery.

Step 3

Attach the battery to the external charger. Plug the charger into an available outlet. Wait until the battery is fully charged. The time will vary from unit to unit.

Step 4

Return the newly charged battery to your laptop and power up your computer.

Step 5

Charge any spare batteries for future use.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consider an alternative power solution, especially if you can't find an external charger for your laptop's battery. One such solution is an external laptop battery pack. About the size of a DVD case, these devices plug into your laptop via the AC adapter port and provide up to 4 or more hours of additional power to your laptop. Many heavy laptop users and travelers swear by them.
  • Make sure the charger you use is right for your battery. It might be tempting to buy one that's for a model close in number to yours, but slight variances in voltage, hub connectors and so forth could result in it not working at all or could damage your battery. Don't confuse an external (standalone) battery charger with a laptop charger. A laptop charger is simply the power adapter that charges the battery while it's inside your laptop. This is what normally comes with a new laptop purchase.