How to Check a Google Search History

By Kefa Olang

Google is a search engine that enables a user to search for online content, videos and images. Google also keeps records of a user's past searches so the same content can quickly be accessed anytime. This also is handy if a user needs to recall a previous search or previous search results. With a free Google account, a user can quickly view search history dating back at least three months.

Step 1

Go to the Google Accounts page and log on to your Google account using your email address and password. Click "Create an account now" if you do not have an account. Follow the guided prompts to create a Google account. Log on to your account after creating it.

Step 2

Click the "Web History" link. A new page launches. You should see the "All History" box in the left pane.

Step 3

Click "Web" under "All History" to see your Google web searches. Click "Images" if you want to see your past Google image searches. You also can select various categories for which you want to view past searches.