How to Check an Embarq Email Account

By Diane Dilov-Schultheis

Embarq merged with Centurytel to form CenturyLink, a leading phone and high-speed Internet service provider. It is a company used by millions of people for its home and business services. CenturyLink has a wide selection of prices for different Internet download speeds for Internet browsing and email. Each of these also can be bundled with phone services. If you have a CenturyLink high-speed DSL account, you have a CenturyLink or Embarq email account. This email can be checked from any location using any computer.

Step 1

Launch a Web browser and navigate to the CenturyLink homepage (See Resources).

Step 2

Click on the “Email" iconl” near the top of the page on the right to go to the email login page.

Step 3

Type your username and password in the appropriate fields and click Log In."

Step 4

The Web-based email account will show your Inbox and other email folder in addition to any contacts that you created.

Tips & Warnings

  • The settings on your browser may cause a warning message to appear prior to accessing your Embarq email. It will inform you about being redirected to an unsecured connection. The login information is encrypted and securely sent. According to Embarq, it is a secure connection.
  • While Embarq and Centurytel merged to form CenturyLink, there are still Embarq email accounts that are recognized by CenturyLink.
  • Never save your Embarq email username and password on a computer used by other people. This includes any computer used in your home, work location or public accessed areas.

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